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As I was looking at the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant, I realized a lot of the comments were on the surface saying positive things, but adding in a bit of a jab that they were tired of ‘all this body image talk.’ This only made me post more about, and we’re hoping you feel the same way and […]

We received a message from one of our followers, Krisi Kaz, who was pretty upset about a video where a small-minded feminist-hater named Nate decided to explain to the world why “fat acceptance,” is bad for society. To be fair, he thought he did a pretty great job. We hate to give him video views, […]

Body image and wellness is different for everyone. Sisters Mara Schiavocampo and Pia Schiavo-Campo are straight up goals in proving that wellness is an overall balance, and we could not be more impressed. It was so amazing being on @goodmorningamerica this morning with my sister @maracamp and also with @readytostare and @essiegolden. We talked body […]

Makeup mistakes are inevitable. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn from them. But sometimes, you’re just in a rush and you make mistakes and you need to fix them ASAP. R Here are simple ways to fix and avoid any “Oops!” moments.   EYE SHADOW FALLOUT No one really wants specks of eye […]

Makeup tutorial videos have gotten more and more popular throughout the years. But what if you want to read makeup instructions? What if you want something tangible? Check out these seven books about makeup that will make you want to run out to the bookstores today. 1. The Art of Makeup This book (starting at $10, […]

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Every time I wore blue makeup, I looked somewhat peculiar. I tried to wear different shades of blue and used different formulas, but never ended up liking the results. I soon found out there are ways to wear blue makeup without looking like a clown or an ’80s music video star. It’s about the shade […]

Have you ever put liquid 24K gold on your skin? Now, you can. With the handful of different brands that carry products with gold in them, you can have your pick of which luxurious one you’d splurge on. We’re here for it. 1. Treatment Pump some liquid gold ($525, La Prairie) onto your skin for a […]

I’ve watched many documentaries and films on ballerinas, and more specifically Misty Copeland, who has paved the way for African-American dancers to believe they too can become a world-renown Principal ballerina. So when I read her interview with New York Magazine today, my crush on Misty grew even larger because of her ability to speak […]

Packing makeup for traveling can seem difficult. You don’t want things to break. You don’t want things to spill. You don’t want to bring large bottles of things. There are so many factors that go into it, but here are a some tips to help you not stress about packing anymore. Keep brushes together No […]

What do you know about skincare? Most of us don’t go to the dermatologist nearly as much as we should, and we *really* hope you’re taking off that makeup at night. Taking care of that gorgeous face can be frustrating, but these books might make it a bit easier. 1. The Little Book of Skin Care […]

All I really wanted to see from the DNC was Michelle Obama. While it was great to hear from other delegates and politicians on the many, many, many reasons why we shouldn’t vote for Trump and why Trump isn’t for women, I patiently waited for the First Lady to grace the stage because I’m admittedly […]