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We live in a culture where we value youth. It’s all about youth culture when it comes to both fashion and beauty. We try our best to cover up aging and any signs of it. However, one artist is shining a light on aging in such a gorgeous way. Noa Zilberman is a Jerusalem-based designer. […]

According to news reports, the former head of Fox News has a pretty hefty lawsuit coming his way from a few of his former employees. Though Stacey Dash may not be one of the 7 women who is coming after Roger Ailes, he said some pretty inflammatory things. Sexual harassment and stereotyping people are always bad […]

When life throws you a huge curveball, you’ve got to learn how to do things your own way. That’s exactly what Shanice Rayner did when she lost the ability to use her left hand. Since she was six, Rayner has had scoliosis, syringomyelia and chiara malformation. But she recently lost the use of her left […]

If you haven’t seen Jule McNamara around on our pages, consider this your introduction. This college freshman embodies all of the feminist, body positive power that we wish we had at 18. She is quite literally goals when it comes to freedom, self love, and acceptance. Young women are often the most affected by the […]

I got engaged a couple months ago, so I can personally attest to the fact that once you start planning a wedding every single experience makes you feel a certain way about yourself- especially your body. Even though I’m in fashion, I still have no idea what I see myself wearing, and when I went […]

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Are we obsessed with celebrities because they have what we want, and we normally want what we can’t have? Just think about it for a second. Why do you call someone your favorite actor? Why do you follow that one musician on all his social accounts? Besides pure talent, there’s something we like about being […]

ICYMI, Speedo decided to dump Ryan Lochte after his piss poor (pun intended) behavior in Rio de Janeiro. While Speedo may not be the first brand you think of a for a bathing suit, their decision is setting the standard for a slew of other brands. When Lochte decided to lie about his and his […]

Nothing better than a comeback story like Emma Winslade. In an interview with Mirror UK, Winslade shared her story of triumph despite body issues and shaming over the years. The 26-year-old model’s story is not for the lighthearted: she was constantly put down as a child, endured degrading comments about her weight, and was even called […]

Like many shoppers, I love a good bargain. I especially love convenience, which is why I started online shopping. But would you sacrifice privacy for convenience? We trust in websites to keep our personal information private. However, people are concerned about cosmetics website Strawberrynet and a possible information leak. Strawberrynet has this feature that lets a […]

I don’t normally jump at the idea of wearing false eyelashes, but magnetic falsies that adhere without glue? I’d try them. First, you’re not putting a refrigerator magnet against your eyelid. According to an Allure article, how these magical things work is that you get two half-lash strips for each eye. They stick together around […]

I am all for women having a voice, sharing their experiences and opinions on things that have happened in their lives and just being honest about their journey. However, I believe I stumbled upon too much honesty last night when I read this article titled “It’s Important To Stay Skinny For My Husband.” And while […]