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There’s something screwed up about why Hannah Horvath was the show’s only hot mess content to wear rumpled, mismatched, ill-fitting threads.

Cheers Nicole, may your second go around be another moneymaking dream for you.

South African retailer, Jet, urges women to love themselves, with a body positive and women positive lingerie campaign.

Sports Illustrated proves that they still need to be bought in order to be inclusive. Unless, it’s Ashley Graham.

“and I only know that because the insurance industry did not sufficiently protect her privacy rights.”

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“I made over 80% of the pieces in this slide show, excluding the red dress and a couple of dresses that just look like she’s reselling vintage haha.”

New Study Proves that calculating someone’s BMI isn’t a accurate depiction of health.

This ode to black beauty was a reason to pretend you knew the names of teams.

“Knowing that girls are born with different beauty and sizes, why cant people just leave them alone?”