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The company focuses “on the model’s talent not their height nor waist size.”

Excuse us while we wipe the foam away from our mouths.

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Eloquii’s A La Mod collection is mostly non-boring threads you’d want to wear to a place where they I.D.

We think the most exciting part of her outfit was probably her candy-shaped pink clutch.

The mist feels like a thousand glittering Beyoncé’s gently booty shaking on your face.

Gisella’s definitely one stylish siren you should be following.

In which you can be so smoldering people will think it’s June.

“Those who are represented in the media have a luxury that is out of reach to the rest of us.”

From Katy Berry’s hair (sorry had to do that) to Kylie Jenner’s infamous lips, Berry has been everywhere in 2015.

Lena Dunham, relatable Brooklynite and mostly reasonable voice of our generation, shutting down fashion ‘guidelines’ one turtleneck at a time.

We like that Amy can keep it real in yoga pants and neon yellow .

“America, this is not a chola. Never will be.”

BASICALLY the same shiny ruffly Christmas package pile of va va voom that we’re so tired of seeing on women.

I don’t wear tights for me, to keep myself warm. I wear tights because I feel like I have to.

I’ve been loving this insanely comfortable nude bodysuit. Our managing editor Iskra picked it out from RunwayRiot fave Missguided. As soon as I put in on, I felt really feminine in it. It’s an expensive-looking cascade of silky ruched polyester, and it’s the color of a newborn baby rabbit. I never felt like I was […]

Straight up jack their steez.

Break the rules, you’ll be happy you did.

The starlet opened up about feeling “inadequate” after looking at ads promoting that same run-of-the-mill Barbie body type.

Topshop wants you to lurk under the mistletoe like a supermodel this holiday season… but their campaign is straight-size as usual. For their new holiday campaign, the brand has drafted eight models with impressive resumes that include work for some high street favorites like Prada, Saint Laurent, and being a Hadid sister. These are the […]

I want to show you the truth behind the selfies you see, and to encourage you all to #JoinTheRiot and embrace your natural beauty, because real is beautiful.

Surely the House of Balmain should recognize that they should spend some time dressing women other than Kim Kardashian.

“Nicki Minaj is someone with a voice, and she has her butt, and her boobs, and that’s just different.”

It was 7p.m. in my Manhattan apartment, and I was clad in a dressing gown and a face mask eating snacks – obviously. That’s when I received the news that I would be live on Good Morning America in 12 hours to talk about RunwayRiot, the brand new fashion site for all women. Where is my […]

Nasty Gal, your beloved source for cage bra tops, also sells all the supplies you need to cast spells to help you crush it even more than you already are. Always on the cutting edge of what all the cool girls want, Nasty Gal is coming for your coven with a selection of witch things. […]

Pictures of Drake’s OVO capsule collection are officially here, and it seems that Drake’s after our hearts because it’s all about comfort. We’re talking sweatpants and leggings that you’ll actually want to wear outside of your apartment. Baseball caps in case you run out of dry shampoo. Who wouldn’t be down with that? We’ve rounded […]

It all boils down to what floats your boat.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Adele, woman with the voice of a zillion sparkling angels, discussed fame, how she quit smoking, and how she would gladly extend an invite to Rihanna to be in her squad (wouldn’t we all?). She likely doubled Kleenex sales, and it was an exciting glimpse into what it would be […]

Comedy duo Hamish & Andy interviewed relevant sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner about Hamish’s chest because people were saying a picture of him in a chest-baring leather jacket made it look like he had boobage. They’ve been calling the fiasco #boobgate because the idea that a male might have breasteses is, of course, a […]

Even with the endless flood of negative experiences with the brand, possible consequences haven’t stopped people from buying Lime Crime.

We’re thrilled to announce that RunwayRiot, the ultimate fashion site for all women is launching today. You’ll be able to hit up our shiny new site for the hottest and latest threads, cool beauty things, news, information and opinion for, and about, women of all sizes who are proud of their ​style and ​their bodies. […]

For too long the fashion industry has made the majority of women feel inferior, but we’re DONE with feeling invisible. Starting today, RunwayRiot, the fashion and beauty site, for all women is celebrating you. Here’s our very own managing editor, Iskra Lawrence with our call to action. Join us now on Twitter and Instagram with […]

You might think from her poise in photos and her new gig as the face of Anna Scholz’s autumn/ winter 2015 campaign that mature, curvy model Nicola Griffin has been gracing cameras with her smile for many moons. Truth is, though, she’s fresh on the modeling scene. Griffin traded in her day job running a […]

Isn’t it a real hoot how celebrities who happen to wear larger sizes are so often interviewed about how they’ve managed to love themselves at their various sizes while we continue to ask other celebrities about how they keep their girlish figures? Still, we do believe it’s important for famouses to discuss these issues because […]

The “plus-size” sections at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s were poorly lit, stocked with out of touch, matronly clothes, and full of more clearance signs than any other section of the stores.

I don’t think Karl will be asking me to pick him up from the Chanel airport anytime soon.