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I immediately paired the two together and was so pumped to see the look was just as I imagined.

We’re glad that at least SOMETHING good came out of Harris’ nightmare of a shopping experience.

When I told him why I didn’t want to be touched there, he didn’t recommend leafy greens or pilates. He just said that he loved my body.

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The day curvy models can hang out in fashion spreads with straight size models in large quantities and NO ONE gives a peep about it because it’s the norm will be the day when we can all rest in peace.

Ashley Graham is part of a giant plot to overthrow Lean Cuisines with torpedoes of self-love vibes.

Syracuse student, Alex Purdy, took to youtube last week to share her awful experience in her sorority

This photo has soft stomachs galore, which is like Visine to itchy eyes.