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After Beauty Blogger Huda Kattan posted an instagram of her contouring her neck people are asking has this contour trend gone too far?

Who could miss the chance to watch North West amuse Anna Wintour?

Elle India shows what body inclusivity looks like with A full spread of beauties

Beyoncé’s SB10 Performance Labeled Hate Speech by Delusional Protestors

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Cheers Nicole, may your second go around be another moneymaking dream for you.

Everyone was running down to the local town and going next to the billboard pictures.

South African retailer, Jet, urges women to love themselves, with a body positive and women positive lingerie campaign.

Sports Illustrated proves that they still need to be bought in order to be inclusive. Unless, it’s Ashley Graham.

Beyond the retouching that goes on, countless other things happen on set to change how these fashion images look.

“and I only know that because the insurance industry did not sufficiently protect her privacy rights.”