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New Study Proves that calculating someone’s BMI isn’t a accurate depiction of health.

We went on a quest to find you the best black mesh dresses out there.

Not only is she insanely gorgeous, but she’s also hilarious.

I immediately paired the two together and was so pumped to see the look was just as I imagined.

“My anorexia didn’t just appear out of nowhere. She was a product of every single advert, every little comment, every nuance and whisper and photoshopped magazine cover.”

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We’re glad that at least SOMETHING good came out of Harris’ nightmare of a shopping experience.

When I told him why I didn’t want to be touched there, he didn’t recommend leafy greens or pilates. He just said that he loved my body.

Pro tip: when you’re filling in your brows, keep the mirror farther away, and don’t hold it too close.