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When you start Crossfit part of the joining process is basically agreeing to talk about it all the time.  Kind of like a fight club initation.  First rule of Crossfit – Constantly talk about Crossfit. When I first joined Devivant, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was looking for […]

In a recent article in Newsweek, mother Rasika Boice opened up about the struggles of finding a size for her young daughter, only to see the words ‘Plus’ and ‘Slim’ in the girls categories on Old Navy’s website. She went on to say, “I couldn’t believe it. The risk of these labels to damage a young person’s […]

We spend so much time trying to look younger or hide our age. But what happens in the end? We get older anyway. We age no matter what. So what’s the big deal and why’s there so much pressure to look young? Actress Courteney Cox spoke out about looking youthful in Hollywood and that pressure […]

Sarah Harry started Fat Yoga as a way to transform the images surrounding yoga, that only certain types of body can be flexible and fit. In a recent interview with Self, Harry talked about how she suffered from a severe eating disorder, and has worked hard over the years to now lead a healthy life and spread […]

I’ve always had hips, boobs, and a small waist. You might call my figure an hourglass…and I embrace it. I have come to a place where I love my body. What don’t I love? So happy you asked…being told what is good for my body type. The math of it all is very simple. Almost […]

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With each day, it seems like there is a new body image trend to find on the internet in support women’s bodies. And while it can be a good thing, it can further separate women into more categories than we already are, and encourage one thing while downing another. We’ve seen it with the mermaid thighs trend, […]

We’re coming up on the last week in August, which means that summer is almost over. But, that also means Labor Day is upon us. The final celebration of summer months gives you one more chance to show off your beach fashion before summer ends. If you’re still looking for your perfect piece of swimwear […]

The New York Post reported that leaked emails showed members of the Democratic National Convention staff making fun of Rep. Jerry Nadler’s weight. The emails were sent in May when Nadler’s team requested to attend a fundraiser for President Obama in June. In the emails, which discussed whether Nadler should attend the event, Zach Allen […]

Sunscreen has a distinct smell to it most of the time, and it’s not normally a refreshing or sought-after one. So if you had the chance, would you choose to wear sunscreen that could make you smell like fried chicken? Thanks to KFC, now you can have a bottle of their Extra Crispy Sunscreen. Well, […]

We’re all familiar with tattoos on our bodies. We’ve even gotten used to permanent makeup, but have you ever thought about tattooing yourself to make it look like you have hair instead of getting someone’s name or a symbol on your skin? Men are getting their bald heads tattooed with thousands of hair follicles. This […]

Sometimes, marketers don’t think of all the ways that their audience might take things. That’s like, our job, but really, sometimes the most simple things escape people. This sounds like what happened in the marketing team meeting at Urban Decay because they def did not mean to send out a message about cutting. Our secret […]