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What do you get when you combine a host of beautiful and diverse curve models, and throw in stars like Orange is the New Black’s Adrienne C. Moore, Philomela Kwao, and Georgina Burke? A really bomb Torrid denim ad. Eleven women in total, all show off new styles available at Torrid, and basically killing the […]

In a recent interview with Vogue, Melissa McCarthy announced the official launch of the fall collection of her line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7. The collection is available on, Home Shopping Network and various department stories nationwide, aiming to bring curve women more options. McCarthy says that she had a strong hand in picking out items, ranging from $80 […]

Summertime is for showing off that glow. Recently, Too Faced Cosmetics’ co-founder and creative chief officer, Jerrod Blandino, posted a sneak peak of a future palette: In a world bathed in far too much darkness I thought today I’d spread a little light, well more of a Glow actually! ????✨????????#SweetPeachGlow #spring #getready #SneakyPeek A photo […]

Body image and being conscience of your body doesn’t just appear out of thin air—it starts at a young age, and is often affected by a child’s surroundings and influences. DreamWorks Animation just came out with its new cartoon movie Trolls, and I was pleasantly surprised that they found a way to talk about being […]

Too much glitter? Never! You can wear glitter all year round and all over your face and body. Here are eight beauty products that will help take your glitter game to the next level. 1. Stila eye shadow Get a glittery shadow ($32, Stila) you can use wet or dry on your lids.   2. Glitter […]

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Protect those peepers from the bright sunlight this summer and invest in some sunglasses. Whether you like having a variety of different styles or just prefer sticking to one, here are five to consider. 1. Reflective lenses Reflective lenses ($60, Quay) look great with any outfit. Don’t miss out on this trend!   2. Colorful […]

It’s one thing to wear makeup to create a new look for yourself, but it’s another to transform yourself into someone new. Makeup artists, beauty vloggers and those who are skilled with makeup and paint have been transforming themselves into other people, animals and things for a while now. Here are a handful to keep […]

Serena Williams is a boss—and she’s a boss that continues to get body shamed for various reasons. Typically, she gets the b.s. because she’s the best tennis player in the world, unapologetically black, curvy and takes crap from no one. These are all reasons we admire her, but lately, I’ve realized a particular uptick in people/trolls […]

The air on airplanes can really do a number on your skin. It could get super oily or super dry. Be sure you take care of your face on your next plane trip. Try bringing any of these 8 items with you to help prep your skin and make sure you walk off that plane […]

We’ve complained over and over again about the heavy photoshop jobs that a lot of brands continue to use. It’s one of the reasons why we were so pressed to do our own un-retouched editorial, because women need to see fashion and women in a real way. Fashion and reality can coexist without making women look […]

I read a lot of Adele ‘news’ today, and it was basically a lot of fluff about how her recent (recent means last two) posts on Instagram feature the songstress not wearing makeup. Cue the gasp because apparently media outlets thought this needed to written about extensively enough to critique why she isn’t wearing makeup, […]