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Makeup tutorial videos have gotten more and more popular throughout the years. But what if you want to read makeup instructions? What if you want something tangible? Check out these seven books about makeup that will make you want to run out to the bookstores today. 1. The Art of Makeup This book (starting at $10, […]

Every time I wore blue makeup, I looked somewhat peculiar. I tried to wear different shades of blue and used different formulas, but never ended up liking the results. I soon found out there are ways to wear blue makeup without looking like a clown or an ’80s music video star. It’s about the shade […]

Have you ever put liquid 24K gold on your skin? Now, you can. With the handful of different brands that carry products with gold in them, you can have your pick of which luxurious one you’d splurge on. We’re here for it. 1. Treatment Pump some liquid gold ($525, La Prairie) onto your skin for a […]

Packing makeup for traveling can seem difficult. You don’t want things to break. You don’t want things to spill. You don’t want to bring large bottles of things. There are so many factors that go into it, but here are a some tips to help you not stress about packing anymore. Keep brushes together No […]

What do you know about skincare? Most of us don’t go to the dermatologist nearly as much as we should, and we *really* hope you’re taking off that makeup at night. Taking care of that gorgeous face can be frustrating, but these books might make it a bit easier. 1. The Little Book of Skin Care […]

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When will people learn, body shaming in public or private will never end well? Did they not get the Dani Mathers memo? Apparently some staffers who worked at British retailer Superdrug did not. When shopper Harriet Rae was minding her own business and shopping for shorts, she noticed two women laughing at her and mocking […]

Rarely do stars come out and talk about their body image issues. We can blame it on society’s obsession with perfection, or the unrealistic standards that women are expected to live up to, but it’s a rare occasion for a star to admit that they struggle when they look in the mirror. One of our […]

Over the weekend, Indian model Sonalika Sahay was part of a panel at India’s Lakme Fashion Week’s (LFW). India Times reported on Sonalika’s  participation in the competition, quickly realizing her fondness for one of the curvy models in the competition. According to India Times, “…It came as no surprise when the results came out. She didn’t […]

When you’re always on the go with a busy schedule, you’ve got no time to waste when you need to get all dolled up. Download some of these beauty-on-demand apps to make your life a little easier. 1. Beautified Booking an appointment with spas and salons in NYC is just a click away with Beautified. […]

How do you pick your spa treatments? Usually, you choose to get a massage when your back is sore. Or you go in for a facial when there’s something going on with your skin. But could you imagine getting your blood drawn before your spa appointment and choosing spa treatments that a medical professional recommends […]

LVMH recently took a stake in South Korea’s Clio Cosmetics. We totally are not stunned because Korean beauty products have been all the rage. The focus has been primarily in skin care, but they are 100% stepping up their makeup game. Check out some of our favorites below! 1. AmorePacific Yes, this may be pricey, but […]