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“We didn’t find out we weren’t getting paid til 6am.”

They should have given us a cover with Adele’s whole body.

Round of applause to Forever 21, for pointing out that the difference between sizes of clothing warrants an entirely new page.

After Beauty Blogger Huda Kattan posted an instagram of her contouring her neck people are asking has this contour trend gone too far?

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Who could miss the chance to watch North West amuse Anna Wintour?

We have a long way to go as far as body acceptance is concerned when a leading model is still being othered this way.

Elle India shows what body inclusivity looks like with A full spread of beauties

Beyoncé’s SB10 Performance Labeled Hate Speech by Delusional Protestors

There’s something screwed up about why Hannah Horvath was the show’s only hot mess content to wear rumpled, mismatched, ill-fitting threads.